An Incognito Introduction

Maybe I’m the girl driving next to you on the freeway, or the one working on her computer at the coffee shop. Maybe I’m running next to you at the gym.  I could be anyone.

I don’t run around in skimpy dresses waiting for the wind to pick up so we can play peek-a-boo-vagina like I’m Marilyn Monroe without panties on.  I don’t stand on Hollywood Boulevard hoping a random man will ask me to jump into his car for $50.  In fact, most people I know have no clue what I do and they would argue that I’m a pretty classy lady.

So what do I look like?  Well for one thing, I’m college educated and I hold a four year degree, professional license, and years of corporate experience in a respectable field.  I drive a luxury car and I live on my own in an affluent community where a good number of my neighbors are multi-millionaires (I’ve lived this way long before I even thought of ever going back into the sex industry).  I don’t look like a super model but many would say I’m attractive.  And even though I’m nowhere near this age, I look like I barely turned 21.  I have a perfectly normal relationship with my very supportive father who I have lunch with every so often.  I have a wonderful group of friends.  I try to eat well and take care of my body. I don’t do any drugs and I have no problematic physical or mental health conditions; no STDs, no psychiatric issues.  I work out. I love animals.  I type at 96 words per minute, can do a little bit of coding, and I even play a couple of musical instruments.

I’d say I’m fairly normal. I just live an extremely elusive, secret life in the adult industry working as a professional at a BDSM dungeon after I managed to maneuver my way through the unconventional worlds of strip clubs, porn, escorting, and web cams.

Hi, I’m Bunny.  Come follow me through the twist and turns of sex work as I tell you stories of real life experiences both from the present and past.  Join me as I escape, follow my heart, and chase dreams of a more fulfilling life.


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